Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Cookies

Here are my Easter Cookies!!! They turned out really cute! I didn't get as many orders as I wanted to, but I am truly thankful to those that did order from me. I hope you all enjoy them and Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boy Baby Shower Cookies

This is a baby shower centerpiece cookie bouquet I made for a friend of mine. A few weeks ago I made one similar for a girl baby shower and they turn out really cute. The centerpiece is used for the shower and the cookies are individually wrapped for the guests to take home as a favor. Then the basket with the goodies is for the Mom-To-Be to have as a gift. These are $50 and includes a dozen cookies and the basket of gifts. If you provide your own basket to be stuffed with cookies the cost would be $35 for the dozen cookies.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Order Easter Cookies

Hey Everyone! I am making some really cute cookies for Easter! Now, I know you all have Easter Baskets for your kiddos to wake up to on Easter morning and wouldn't some cute cookies with their names on them be a great addition to those baskets??? $3 per cookie or $35 per dozen. Just let me know how many you need!!!
Great for Grandkids too!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Longhorn Football Cookies

Another order I had this week was for 3 dozen Longhorn Football Cookies for a cute little boy's 3rd Birthday party. How fun! I think these came out so cute and they were individually wrapped and tied with a cute little ribbon to be given out as party favors for all the guests. I hope they enjoy them! I made Bevo's, Footballs and Helmets. On the Helmets is a #3 for his 3rd Birthday. And the Longhorns on the footballs and helmets are something I did by hand and I can't say that I'm too good at that... but you can at least tell what It's supposed to be. :)

Thinking Of You

A childhood friend of mine contacted me through facebook after seeing that I make cookies. She lives in New York City and her family is here in El Campo. She wanted me to make a dozen cookies to send to her Mom as a "Thinking Of You" gift. I was so excited! They are a great family and I knew her Mom would be so happy. She left the design up to me and this is what I came up with...And here are the cookies before I wrapped them up for delivery. Thank you Patricia for the order and I have already heard that they were really enjoyed!

New Cookie Pics Coming Soon!

This week I had 3 cookie orders and I am almost done! I did a "Thinking of You" dozen flower cookies, 3 dozen Longhorn Football Themed cookies and a Baby Shower Centerpiece of a dozen cookies. I am so happy with all of them and I can't wait to put the pictures up for you all to see! Maybe by this evening I will have them posted! Have a great Friday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Baseballs and Princess Tiaras

It has been forever since I have gotten a cookie order and I am excited all over again about my little business! Plus, I have good news - I now have a professional looking piece of equipment to help me out. All this time before I have used my handy hand mixer for making my cookies and that thing wore me out! It was a pain to stand over that thing and mix all that dough and all that icing a little bit at a time. When I asked my hubby if I could get a new stand mixer he said that I should re-invest in my work and buy a new one with the money I earn. Blah - Not what I wanted to hear but I thought ok, good lesson and I was going to purchase a cheaper one from Wal-Mart when I then remembered that my Grandma Popp owns a $300+ dollar Kitchen Aide Mixer and she doesn't use it anymore. (She now lives in a retirement facility.) So I asked her if I could "borrow" her mixer and being a huge supporter of my cookie making skills she said YES! Maybe she will forget I have it. LOL. Anyway, this thing changed my life! I absolutely love it! Turn it on, add your ingredients, and it mixes all by itself. Now I am so excited to make more cookies and I hope the orders start to roll in! In fact, I have another big order in March where I am making UT Longhorn Football themed cookies and they will be so super cute, so please watch for pic of those! My order this week was for my dear friend Michelle who lives in College Station. She ordered a dozen baseballs for her little boy and a dozen Princess Tiaras for two of her daughters birthdays. They will party favors for the guests. Instead of shipping them, the kids and I will make a little road trip to deliver and we are in for a bonus of visiting Chuck E Cheese for the first time!

These pics are horrible!  I absolutely hate my camera.  These cookies are absolutely adorable in person and these shiny, out-of-focus pictures just do not do them justice!  Also, they are light pink and purple in color.  I apologize.