Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boy Baby Shower Cookies

This is a baby shower centerpiece cookie bouquet I made for a friend of mine. A few weeks ago I made one similar for a girl baby shower and they turn out really cute. The centerpiece is used for the shower and the cookies are individually wrapped for the guests to take home as a favor. Then the basket with the goodies is for the Mom-To-Be to have as a gift. These are $50 and includes a dozen cookies and the basket of gifts. If you provide your own basket to be stuffed with cookies the cost would be $35 for the dozen cookies.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Order Easter Cookies

Hey Everyone! I am making some really cute cookies for Easter! Now, I know you all have Easter Baskets for your kiddos to wake up to on Easter morning and wouldn't some cute cookies with their names on them be a great addition to those baskets??? $3 per cookie or $35 per dozen. Just let me know how many you need!!!
Great for Grandkids too!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Longhorn Football Cookies

Another order I had this week was for 3 dozen Longhorn Football Cookies for a cute little boy's 3rd Birthday party. How fun! I think these came out so cute and they were individually wrapped and tied with a cute little ribbon to be given out as party favors for all the guests. I hope they enjoy them! I made Bevo's, Footballs and Helmets. On the Helmets is a #3 for his 3rd Birthday. And the Longhorns on the footballs and helmets are something I did by hand and I can't say that I'm too good at that... but you can at least tell what It's supposed to be. :)

Thinking Of You

A childhood friend of mine contacted me through facebook after seeing that I make cookies. She lives in New York City and her family is here in El Campo. She wanted me to make a dozen cookies to send to her Mom as a "Thinking Of You" gift. I was so excited! They are a great family and I knew her Mom would be so happy. She left the design up to me and this is what I came up with...And here are the cookies before I wrapped them up for delivery. Thank you Patricia for the order and I have already heard that they were really enjoyed!

New Cookie Pics Coming Soon!

This week I had 3 cookie orders and I am almost done! I did a "Thinking of You" dozen flower cookies, 3 dozen Longhorn Football Themed cookies and a Baby Shower Centerpiece of a dozen cookies. I am so happy with all of them and I can't wait to put the pictures up for you all to see! Maybe by this evening I will have them posted! Have a great Friday!